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Best of 2011 (IMO)
Sunday, January 1, 2012 | 0 comments
Why, hello, there~ It's my first post of 2012.

Another year of blogging (irregularly) ahead. Another year to get through. Gosh, I am such a ball of sunshine, aren't I? LOL. Excuse my cynicism. I am just not your "Happy New Year" kind of gal. I know people get pretty excited about new years and make resolutions and stuff. But I feel no different today than I did yesterday, eventhough I essentially leapt through time and the earth has just completed it cycle around the sun. Resolutions made today are just as importnt as resolutions made at any time of the year. Honestly, don't get what's so amazing about a new year. Only that I am so happy that 2011 is over. Horrible year. cannot even think of many fond memories made and tons of crap generally happened so I dunno to what extrent 2012 will suck or NOT-suck. We'll just have to see, shall we? But it has not started well.

I thought I would do a post of the stuff that I actually liked from the previous year. I know I never actually done this before but I've watched afew "Best of 2011" videos and really got me thinking about the stuff I enjoyed that year. Just wanted to list them down. This will be a mix of products I've used and also some random stuff.

Let's jump (in no particular order):

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 movie

OMG. Another reason why 2011 sucked. 'Cos it officially marked the end of my childhood. Not only is my favourite series of ALL TIME officially over with no more movies (or anything) to look forward to, but it perfectly coincided with me turning 21. Which is just a kick in the butt out of the bubble of my youth and into adulthood. Besides that horrifying fact, I enjoyed the movie IMMENSELY. I know people were whining about the movie and nit-picking everything. It's not perfect but it's pretty hard to meet everyone's soaring standard of perfection for such a beloved book. So I think they did a great job. I was on the edge of my seat and I really enjoyed the entire movie. I only wished that they made Snape's part alot more comprehensive, but otherwise it's great and a good memory of 2012.

2. Delirium by Lauren Oliver

(I have to consciously stop myself from beginning every paragraph with OMG) This is hands down my FAVE book of 2011. And trust me, I read TONS that year. TONS TONS TONS. I have always been a bookworm (just not that vocal about it). BUT THIS BOOK IS ... AMAZING. Gosh, I don't think I can recommend it enough. It's about a world where Love is considered a disease and they have found a cure for it. At a certain age, every one has to undergo a procedure where they will be cured of Love and the story follows a girl who at first was scared of love and then realized the flaws of the world around her. It's so fantastically written. So many phrases struck chords in my heart and I love the quotes that start each chapter. The world that she created seemed so believable and convincing. Most of all, this book made me TEAR UP in PUBLIC (when I made the mistake of reading it on the train). I'm not the most emotional person, I can definitely control it. But this one totally caught me off-guard at how beautiful she worded the events. YOU GUYS NEED TO READ THIS ONE. I'm looking forward to the sequel which will be out this year, if I'm not wrong. YAY~

3. Goodreads

This is a website I found while browsing and looking for some new books to read. It's a site for book lovers where you make an account and you can review books and read other people's recommendations. You can also contact the authors themselves as lots of authors have their own accounts on the site. Basically a social networking site for nerds like me. I made an aLinkccount on a whim and have been LOVING it so much. It may come as a surprise for those who don't know me or have seen my room (which is FILLED with books, every since I was young). Everyone kept asking me what is up with my reading kick recently. But it's not a recent phenomenon. I have been reading, just that I haven't been blogging about it or buying much 'cos I usually read from ebooks online. It's only after getting into this website that I started reviewing the books I read, which I found SUCH JOY in. I know no one actually reads my reviews, but it's just nice for myself to reflect on the stories that I read more deeply and actually pen down my thoughts on them. So I can just look back on all the stuff I read.

OH, but one of the highlights of this year was when one of my fave authors, Daisy Goodwin, tweeted my review on her book and even contacted me saying that she's glad I enjoyed it. =)

3. Youtube

I never really got into youtube until 2011. And holy shit. I don't even watch TV anymore. I've subscribed to SO MANY channels and I always have something new to watch. I mostly subscribe to beauty channels and booktubers. So I always know about the latest books and new products regarding skincare and makeup. Also, it's a great community where you can comment and chat. I think I might die without youtube. It got through so much crap last year.

4. Vichy Normaderm Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care

One of the best finds of 2011 for me. 201 was a horrible year for me, skin-wise. I had to go to the doctor for it several times and now have to deal with acne and sensitivity issues. But this moisturiser is literally HOLY GRAIL status for me. It's so so light and sinks into my skin in seconds while keeping it soft and hydrated. Plus it smells HEAVENLY. It's the only one that I bothered repurchasing. It claims to help fight acne, but I think it was my oral medication that helped clear up my skin. What I do know is that it doesn't break me out (which is GREAT 'cos so many other products do) and I don't get any rashes from it or allergies, which I often get. I really don't think I will change, eventhough I know that the ingredients aren't exactly the best and that it's parent company is L'oreal.

5. Michelle Nail Polishes

I found this shop that suddenly started selling nail polishes in 2011 and am extremely impressed with their line. You can find them at cineleisure and I'm sure almost every girl in Singapore knows about this. They sells dirt cheap polishes with an impressive array of colours that they constantly change up. At only 2 bucks a bottle, I have accumulated quite a collection of their polishes this year (I LOVE nail polishes). They are guilt-free purchases with great value for me considering the amount of product you get. Plus they go on smoothly (much better than face shop polishes) and opaque after two coats, which is GREAT!

6. Seche Vite Fast-dry Topcoat

I cannot go on without mentioning this topcoat. I only started using topcoat in 2011 and am amazed at the difference it made to my nails. Not only does it leave my self-done manicures looking glossy and totally professional, it DRIES INSTANTLY. So it essentially cut down my nail polish application process. Also, my nails go completely UNCHIPPED for WEEKS. So I can literally keep my polish on the entire week before it starts showing signs of wearing (usually at the tips). Perfect for busy weeks where I can't be bothered with doing my nails every other day.

7. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Polish in 'Celeb City'

THE BEST NAIL POLISH OF THE YEAR. Probably EVER. I might wear this for months and months. I always fall in love with many different polish shades but I get tired of them really quickly and usually change it up after a few days. But I've been obsessed with trying to find a foil polish for AGES and was looking into getting OPI's Designer De-better before I laid eyes on this one. And it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. I have been wearing this polish for a month now and I'm still in love with it. Words cannot explain how happy I get when I gaze at my nails when I have this on. They go with anything and they literally look like a layer of crushed diamonds and white gold on my nails. They don't have that grey cast that most silver polishes have and are attention-grabbing while still being chic. The wear is AMAZING, very opaque and shiny after 2 coats and last FOR-EVAH with a topcoat on 'cos it's such a thin formula.

This is ME in nail polish bottle.

8. Lanvin 'Marry Me!' Eau De Parfum
This gave my signature scent of Davidoff Cool Water a run for its money. I've been really into scents in the year 2011 and finally invested in another perfume after using my Davidoff for YEARS. I really fell in love with this scent. I just felt like a needed a PROPER perfume that is girly but still me ('cos I tend to go for manlier scents). THIS SMELLS SOOO GOOD. It smells really floral with a hit of jasmine and dries down to a subtle fruitier smell. It's very young and I always feel so pretty when I spray this on. It's so light and sweet.

Top Notes: The composition is based on luminous tonic mixed of bitter Tunisian orange and sensual essences of Sambac jasmine. This surprising combination is wrapped in sweet zest of peach and sophisticated jasmine tea aromas.

Heart Notes: A sensual heart is painted with jasmine enhanced with magnolia blossom and romantic, non-chalant rose petals.

Base Notes: Union of white flowers and fruit zest melts in juiciness and warmth of powerful hot amber and musky trail.

9. Bourjois Mascaras

I have discovered this in the year 2011 and I dun think I will be using any other brand after discovering this one. Their mascaras are AMAZING. AMAZING. I have really pathetic lashes and I usually use brown Covergirl mascaras 'cos I was more into "natural" looks when I was younger but in 2011, I've been wanting really dramatic black and thick lashes. But it's really hard to achieve that with my sorry lashes. Most formulas make my lashes brittle and flake. Their line of mascaras are as good as high-end ones and are great for contact lens wearers with sensitive eyes. I especially love their Volume Glamour Ultra Care mascara which instantly thickens my lashes. THEY ARE AMAZING. Better than anything I have tried from Maybelline, L'oreal, etc.

10. L'oreal Super Liner Liquid Eyeliner

BEST EYELINER I HAVE EVER USED. Period. It even made me stop using my Maybelline Eye Studio Gel liner (which was my love for years). So I KID YOU NOT. Easy to use, lasts ALL DAY. It one of my fave finds of 2011.

11. Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment

I know I've talked about this 2309480394802394 times. It's just so freakin' good. On to my third tube of it already and I use it every night without fail. Heaven sent for my INCREDIBLY dry lips. (It's like the freakin' desert without this stuff)

12. Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

One of the best series I have come upon in 2011. So awesome that it is being made into a movie that will be out this year, if I am not wrong. But GOSH, SO action-packed and just fan-freakin'-tastic. It's about a dystopian world that is divided into different districts and each one has to send a boy and a girl to compete in the Hunger Games each other where they have to kill each other for the viewing pleasure of the Capitol. Sounds like Battle Royale, but it's really so much more than gruesome deaths. I don't really like a lot of series, besides harry potter, but this one is FAB.


13. Sarah Dessen's books

ALL HER BOOKS in general. I have read a TON of her books in 2011. And they are all so so so good. They are perfect light reads for when I just wanna pass time but they pack a punch 'cos I always end up so emotionally invested in the characters. There is a perfect blend of romance, teen issues and general life lessons in her stories that really leaves me in thought long after the book ends. I've accumulated quite a collection of her books in just one year so I highly recommend picking it up.

14. Mc Cafe

HAHA! Okay, I cannot not include this 'cos it literally brings me comfort even on my lousiest days. I LOVE my coffee and teas. But as much I love Starbucks coffee and Coffee Bean's teas (LOL, what irony), they are certainly luxury items for me. And I consume so much coffee I would just be broke if I continued to buy from them. So, I have been loving McCafe's coffees and teas instead which are half the price of Starbucks and equal in quality and taste (sometimes better). You get such a generous amount for 4 bucks or less and you have a wide selection. My favourite is the 'Himalayan Tea Latte' which is just cinnamon-y goodness in a cup and their 'Caramel Macchiato'. IT IS SERIOUSLY GOOD. I doubt I will ever be willing to splurge so much on starbucks anymore to be honest.

15. La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water Mist

This just sounds like water in an aerosol bottle and sounds pretty stupid for me to spend 10 bucks on it. But I bought it one day when I needed some immediate relief (this was when my skin was going through a very rough patch) and was surprised at what a difference it made. It INSTANTLY calmed my redness and blotchiness that I get often and soothes my skin so that it's more well-behaved. I've since then tried the Vichy one and the Avene one but THIS IS THE BEST. The others just felt and worked like regular water. This one is really a life saver especially when I'm outside and my skin starts feeling irritated.

16. Reed Diffusers and Scented Candles
I never really bothered with this until 2011 when I went through a scent-frenzy. I was just obsessed with smells. I think 'cos smelling something nice really puts me in a better mood and I've been in a foul mood throughout most of 2011. The scents help me stay happy. I love entering my room and getting a whiff of my favourite room scent. I also cleaned up my room SIGNIFICANTLY in 2011. I got into a bit of a cleaning kick and arranged my stuff and started putting up actual SHELVES for my books. Anyway, I realize that I should make my home nicer since I always come back to it after a long day. So I've been obsessed with home scents. My fave is the scented candle my sis got me when she was in australia - Ginger Spice and Cinnamon. OMG. HEAVENLY.

17. Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Solution

BEST MAKEUP REMOVER EVER. Nothing beats this stuff. Gets rid of all my makeup so gently and doesn't irritate my skin like all the other ones did. I cannot stress how incredibly sensitive my skin is. I get red from just BLOTTING my face. So this is a BLESSING 'cos it literally feels like water. It's a cleansing water and it's amazing. I'm so glad I found out about this.

18. Gossip Girl TV series

OBVIOUSLY. This is self-explanatory. My obsession with this show continuous as long as this show keeps running. But in 2011 in particular, it was practically my reason for living and the only thing I look forward to in the week. Dunno what I'd do without this.

19. New Girl TV series

I HAVE FOUND MY NEW FRIENDS. And by Friends I mean the Sitcom. I LOVE THIS SHOW and it's absolute genius. I have never laughed so hard in my life. I love all the characters. It just seriously reminds me of Friends. I love it so much! And Schmidt is the best. He just cracks me up all the time.

20. Clinique Airbrush Concealer

I have never really been so into concealers until 2011 'cos of my skin issues. I usually just wear powder and it will already cover all my problems. But with my acne (which I now have scars), I will not leave the house without popping at least some concealer, even on bare face. This one is THE BEST for me 'cos I can't deal with the tougher, more cakey ones. I found out about this through Lisa Eldridge's videos. This one's liquid but gives great coverage if you apply in thin layers. Plus it merges completely into my skin and covers up all my blemishes and spots. And I can use it all over my face, under my eyes to cover dark circles and on my scars and blemishes so that I can cheat everyone into thinking that I have okay-skin. LOL!

Well, there you go. A couple of great finds for me in 2011 which I will continue to use this year as well. I know I should be reminiscing about actual moments in my life but these are much better.



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