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Cosmetic Controversies.
Friday, January 6, 2012 | 0 comments
Why, Hellloooo there~!

I have some interesting things to share with you and also some interesting things to share about myself and my outlook for the new year.

This is of course, related to not only only beauty but health, in general. Mostly Wealth. This year, I am determined to save up for a trip and thus, would have to resolve into buying less things. Of course, this doesn't matter 'cos there are at least TEN BILLION review blogs on the net, so I am not about to make myself a guinea pig for the sake of beauty. This blog is meant for me to share the stuff I think are AWESOME with you guys. So, I will be cutting down on my expenditure (hopefully) this year and really, only purchase things after I've done enough research and having put much thought into it.

'Cos I'm gonna be tight on cash. I have to cut out afew of my stable products which are quite expensive. Also another reason is 'cos I am trying to go to the natural route where it comes to skincare and haircare and food, etc. NO, I am not turning into a hippie. And you won't catch me turning into a Vegan. I don't think I have the will power and capacity to, to be honest. BUT I will try my best to find more natural options to certain things that I use. If it's not natural, then just CHEAPER options that won't blow a hole in my wallet everytime I purchase it.

THIS has lead me into doing some D.I.Y things for my face and hair. Which I have NEVER EVER EVER in my entire life would imagine myself doing. Honestly, I am all about the chemicals. 'Cos natural doesn't mean beneficial. Poison Ivy is NATURAL but that stuff is horrible for your skin. And certain safe, FDA approved chemicals work so much better than their 'natural' counterparts. So, I am still a big believer is chemicals and drugs. But only the beneficial ones. Hence, I will definitely be posting regularly on this blog about certain information I've learnt about certain ingredients and stuff so that I can share this precious knowledge and we can ALL lead healthier lives and be more beautiful the right way.

Also, the D.I.Y stuff is so much cheaper and easier for me as the local grocery store (Fair Price) is just 5 mins away from where I live and most of the ingredients are in my kitchen anyway. I will be trying them out and seeing if they actually do something or they are flops. 'Cos I am SO skeptical about these things.

I'm gonna post some recipes that work for me. If there are any, which I'm sure there will be.

I am also open to new product recommendations which cost less but work great. We should ALL share this. And also share great companies that provides us with great products.

Here's an interesting thing I learnt. Apparently, LEAD is legitly in the lipsticks that we use. *gasp* I am instantly horrified by this as I personally own TONS of lipsticks. I don't really bother too much about harmful substances but when I found out that Lead can cause learning, language and behavioral problems such as lowered IQ, reduced school performance and increased aggression, I freaked out. Pregnant women and young children are particularly vulnerable to lead exposure, because lead easily crosses the placenta and enters the fetal brain where it can interfere with normal development. THIS STUFF IS NO JOKE.

Shockingly, it can be found in most lipsticks (after tests run by FDA) even high-end ones like Dior. =( And what's worse is that the amount has been increasing. It increased about 4 times since 2007 from 0.09 to 3.06 ppm of lead in each tube. HOLY SHIT. Here's the important part: Products or lipsticks you should AVOID

"FDA found the highest lead levels in lipsticks made by three manufacturers: Procter & Gamble (Cover Girl brand), L'Oreal (L'Oreal, Body Shop and Maybelline brands) and Revlon. Yet FDA has thus far failed to take action to protect consumers." (The highest amount being found generally in CoverGirl lipsticks, Cover Girl Incrediful Lip Color)



Some tips:

1. Avoid the brands mentioned until new reports are released saying that they are safe. Well, I will let you know 'cos I'm really sad about this.

2. Cut down your use of lipsticks. I know this is hard, but we are less likely to be harmed if we put on our favourite lipsticks on special occasions, once in a while. Rather than everyday.

3. Don't lick your lips when you have lipstick on

4. Use tinted lipbalms if you want added colour. There are so many great balms that provide great pigmentation that are all natural.

5. Remember to remove all traces of lipstick at the end of the day.

Well, I hope that helps.

I will leave you guys with this SUPER COOL and informative video I found about cosmetics. PLEASE WATCH IT. It's really awesome. =)



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