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Current Hits & Misses #1
Wednesday, December 7, 2011 | 0 comments
Good day to all~!

I hope everyone's having a good holiday. I know I am rather miserable at the moment. Simply 'cos my skin had a horrible allergic reaction to some stupid cream. I stupidly used something with Benzoyl Peroxide and my skin FREAKED OUT. So I am still in recovery, stuck at home when I really wanna be enjoying all the lovely Christmas lights in town. THIS also means that I won't be able to try much of the new LUSH products that I had on list. Simply because I have to WAIT for this rash thing on my face to go away before I start messing with it, with other skincare products.

Right now to calm my skin down, I am using
- Ducray Keracnyl foaming gel (my HG cleanser)
- The topical cream my doctor gave me
- La Roche-Posay Mist (since I'm not using a moisturizer, this helps hydrate my skin a little, but most importantly, help calm it down. Brings down the redness.)

To make myself feel a teeny bit better, and to also fill my time at home with something slightly more productive than watching youtube videos 24-7. I decided I wanna try my hand at the whole Monthly Favourites thing. Probably a hits and misses, where I will mention a couple of products that I am absolutely loving for the entire month of November and some not-so-much. I will probably do a review on some of the stuff mentioned in future. Or maybe I won't even like it anymore in the future. WHO KNOWS?! I pretty fickle when it comes to these things. LOL

1) L' Oreal Superliner Liquid Eyeliner

THIS stuff is THE BOMB DOT COM. I am absolutely obsessed with it and have been wearing it every day ever since I purchased it in late October. For a long time I have used nothing but gel liners. And I still do love them, they are still the most long-wearing formulation, in my opinion. But I just find it a hassle to use a brush (which I have to wash regularly or else the residue will crust)and it's harder to make thinner lines with the gel. Once I used up my gel liner, I picked this liquid one up. And I dunno what possessed me to do it 'cos I have TWO felt tip liquid liners at home. And I'm usually not a huge fan of it. BUT THIS TURNED ME INTO A BELIEVER.

What I love most about it is the applicator, which is not the annoying felt tip one. It's sort of a sponge-brush? It's quite bizarre, but extremely effective when it comes to application. It glides on my eyes so smoothly without tugging and dispenses the perfect amount of product, such that I don't even have to go over the line again. The formula is VERY OPAQUE and VERY BLACK. I love it. It's much blacker than my Maybelline Unstoppable felt tip liner & my NYX Skinny Marker liner. While it is glossy when first applied, it dries to a muted black. Seriously, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! I'm a huge eyeliner fan. So I really love this one for it's convenient application, great formula and pigmentation. Also, the price is not so bad either. I believe it is $17.90.

2) Topshop Creme Blush in Pinch

I really love the formulation of Topshop creme blushes. They are not super dewy like most so they don't make my super oily skin even oilier. These blushes go on like a cream but set like powder. So once blended, it doesn't budge and last practically all day. The packaging is super adorable as well. I am such a sucker for these things. I have been using this blush ALL MONTH LONG. Don't be scared by the super hot pink colour. You just need a teeny bit and blend like a CRAZY PERSON. But the result is amazing. Well, for me at least. It really gives my cheeks a healthy flush. It's not too light, so it looks like a realistic blush as it ends up matching my lips. Plus it is not a dewy finish, which is something I dun really like on my cheeks. Highly recommend Topshop blushes. (though the colour selections are jank.)

3) Yankee Candle Reed Diffuser in Mistletoe

HO HO HO~~ I have this in my room for two months to get me into the Christmas season. I am just obsessed with smells lately. I want my room to smell amazing everytime I enter it or when I'm reading a book. Reed diffusers are much better than scented candles as they don't require a flame and the reeds wick the fragrance all over the room. So you can just leave it there, looking all gorgeous on your table top and let it do it's job. I LOVE THIS SCENT TO DEATH. It smells like I'm walking through a fresh pine forest with mistletoe bushes everywhere. It's so fresh but still quite heavy. This is my favourite scent in the Christmas collection (though I also like Christmas Cookie). Too bad I'm out of it already. The reed solution is heavily scented but also has lots of alcohol in it to help it travel the room better and be sucked up by the reeds better. Unfortunately for ME, this meant that it evaporates faster too.


4) Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment

I said it once and I'll say it again. BEST LIP TREATMENT EVVVEEERRRR~~!! And I have majorly dry lips. They go super wrinkly and chappy if I go without balm for too long. And no matter how 'moisturizing' a lipstick/gloss is, I can never wear it without balm first, 'cos then the lipcolor will just emphasize all the ugly wrinkles and dead skin. It is a PAIN. And I think I have tried a pretty HUGE amount of lip balms. I go through them, like people go through kleenex 'cos I constantly have to reapply (my lips are just super absorbent). Normal lip balms just don't cut it for me at night 'cos they are simply not moisturizing enough to last my lips the entire night. Often I wake up with lips as dry as the Sahara dessert, not pretty. I bought this quite some time ago 'cos I had a couple of cold sores all over my lips thanks to ANOTHER allergic reaction to a lipbalm (Smith's Rosebud Salve, SADLY) and I needed something desperately to numb the pain and inject some moisture in it. This has lots of antiseptic and active ingredients to help with extreme cases such as those and now... I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT IT. I finished TWO tubes of it already (one per month) and I just repurchased one last week.

This lip treatment is for hardcore people like me. LOL! We can't just have vaseline, beeswax and shea butter to help with our pathetically dry lips. We need some major medical shit. I love the way it tingles and numbs my lips a little when I first put it on and it plumps up all the gross wrinkles on my lips and moisturizes it even when I wake up in the morning. I love the slip it has on my lips, especially when I rub it together. Only problem is, I only use this at home as it leaves a white cast on your lips. But doesn't matter to me. I really don't think any Lip Treatment can measure up to this one and it's not ridiculously expensive. Easily available at watsons and guardian for $6.90. This is my SAVIOR.

ONE MISS for me this month would have to be...

Rene Furterer Fioravanti Shine-enhancing Detangling spray

Okay, I REALLY WANTED to love this. After all, this stuff is NOT cheap. I got a travel sized bottle of it to use as a detangler on days when I don't feel like washing my hair. But most importantly, I bought this for the shine-enhancing properties. The Allure Beauty site says:

A complex of plant extracts, including myrrh, aloe, ginger, and cinnamon (smooths the hair cuticles and boosts shine); acerola cherry vinegar (adds shine); silicone complex (detangles)

The superlightweight spray-on conditioner has a milky white color; it smells clean, citrusy, and sophisticated—like a perfume.

WHAT A JOKE. This stuff smells RANK. Like herbal chinese medicine shop. Now, I won't have any problems with that if it did the stuff that it claims to do. It is a very lightweight conditioner (so much so that it doesn't really condition, not significantly) and DEFINITELY no added shine. I'm not expected a shimmering HALO of lustrous locks here. I have realistic expectations. But my hair is as dull as it was before I sprayed this nasty smelling stuff on it. Quite a disappointment for me. =( But I'm gonna keep trying (also 'cos it is bloody expensive) and find a way to work with it. Such that the smell doesn't over power me. Maybe I can dry it with damp hair... Or before blow-drying.

Shall try, but so far it is an epic MISS this month.

Alrighty, those are just a couple of things I've been literally obsessed about. And I probably will continue to obsess about them for a while 'cos I don't switch up my routine very often.

Do try some of them out, they may surprise you! =)


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