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Maybe it's Maybelline?
Monday, December 5, 2011 | 0 comments
Today I went out to town to check out the new LUSH store. I had a list of things to buy but sadly, the entire shop was practically wiped out as most of their famous products are completely out of stock, thanks to the success of their opening. Cult products like 'Angels on Bare Skin' Cleanser and their fresh face masks are all GONE!! But after inquiring the staff, the items are being shipped as I type this out. So they should be in stock in a few more days. BE PATIENT PEOPLE.

The prices are pretty okay! I expected them to be alot more pricey but that does not mean that they are drugstore prices by any means. Still, I shall wait in ANTICIPATION for my Cupcake Mask and Dark Angel cleanser.


I found something awesome and I am dying to share it with you guys.

As you know, Singapore is really slow when it comes to launching products that are imported from overseas. Most of the time 'new products' here are practically last season's products over there in the US. But HEY, better late than never. So, when I saw the new display and saw these GORGEOUS lipsticks on the shelf, I literally flipped 'cos I have been so curious about them.

They are Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks.

I first heard of these from the various makeup gurus on youtube and it received mostly rave reviews with many saying that the pigmentation of these lipsticks are amazing, but still without that super drying effect that most pigmented lipsticks have. Also, the finish is not as GLOSSY as the Maybelline WaterShine lipsticks that we have over here. These have more of a satin finish, which I absolutely love as it has the appearance of a really expensive lipstick on your lips.

The line is very cleverly formulated as the colours are generally divided into FOUR categories and are displayed according to their categories. They are REDS, PINKS, BROWNS and MAUVES (This is my FAVE category). Then they are arranged such that they go from the lightest shade to the darkest, which makes picking out a colour for yourself very convenient. I love this idea 'cos most drugstore lipsticks just kinda release a line with random, popular colours. The Maybelline Color Sensational tries to cater to each skin tone and the different wants of the buyers with a GREAT selection of colours.

ALSO, I have so say that I really love the packaging. It reminds me of the Bourjois lipsticks, but the insides are much nicer and very sleek with the whole thing being a metal tube. I like that it's chunky too so I can easily find it when I'm searching for it in my gigantic bag. This is personal preference I know many people who prefer slim and sleek packagings, but I prefer these types.

NOW, moving on to the colours available and the wear of the products. I tried them out and I am very impressed by the feel of this lipstick. It is definitely not drying, like the Revlon Matte lipsticks. They hold in some sort of moisture such that it does not emphasize every single ugly crease on your lips. BUT it does not plump it up or is as moisturizing as the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks. It is somewhere in between. What I love about this lipstick is the colour. It glides on evenly, without any patches and one swipe is all I need for opaque, gorgeous colour on my lips. Once on lips, the lipstick "SETS". I dunno how to say this, it's pretty strange but what I mean is that it doesn't slip around much. It doesn't slide around alot and leave lighter patches when I rub my lips together. This is probably due to the WAXY TEXTURE that it has. It's quite unique and feels very comfortable on my lips. ALSO, the colour shows TRUE to the tube. Meaning that it is so pigmented that my own lip colour does not affect the lipstick colour at all, and what you see in the tube will transfer exactly on your lips.

The colour range is SOOO NICE!! I think it has everything for every skin tone. And for every occasion, from neutral everyday lips to sexy glamorous reds to dark vampy colours. And there is a combination of frost and 'matte' (meaning no shimmer) shades.

Let me share some of my faves~

1) Born With It

This is a gorgeous nude colour with a slight wash of pink. It is not like the usual baby pinks. It just leaves your lips with a tint of pink. Really great on fair skinned girls who just want a neutral or nude lip but without looking dead. This injects a nice hint of subtle colour while still keeping the "nude" effect. I really liked this one.

2) Yummy Plummy

This shade totally jumped at me when I first saw the display. It is a mid-tone mauve shade that is blue-based and has lots of purplish, lavender undertones. It's one of the most unique shades in the collection in my opinion. As you can see from the swatch I found, it does look plummy. But when I put it on my lips, it tints my lips a dark purplish shade that is really lovely. I think it goes with TONS of looks and is a fun alternative to a nude lip. It is more of a cool-toned shade, so it does wash out your face a little, so be sure to put on some blush when you wear this one.

3) Cinnamon Stick

This shade is from the Browns category and it's absolutely lovely! Especially on warmer skin tones. It is a brown-based red, almost like a warm maroon. It doesn't look gothic but instead really warms up your face and looks very sophisticated in my opinion. Also, if you are the type who wears tones on brown eyeshadows or neutral eyes, I think this is a fabulous shade to bring out the warmth of the browns and also, it can be worn without blush 'cos it doesn't wash out your face. Really lovely!

4) Red Revival

AMAZING red shade that seeks to make a total statement. Ohmygoodness! It's definitely not for the faint hearted. This is a very neutral red. Not too orange-y, not too dark, not too anything. It is a true red that reminds me alot of Revlon's Matte 'Really Red' shade (which I absolutely adore). Only thing is that this is not as drying or matte, so it is less severe and more glamorous. I think this is the red that can match MANY skin tones, both warm and cool. Every girl needs a red lipstick and this one is really beautiful.

5) Plum Perfect

*the very last colour from the left

MY FAVOURITE SHADE of the entire line. This shade is a deep deep plum that is not too reddish. It is not too maroon and not too purple. It is a very true plum shade and I think can be flattering on anyone. But I personally loved how it looked on me. It makes a statement without making me look overly Vamp-y or gothic. Hmmm, kind of like a glam rocker/goth? It's definitely not a depressing colour though. I know 'cos this shade doesn't wash me out and I find it very wearable indeed. GOSHH IT IS SOOOO PRETTY~!! I think it's 'cos this shade in particular doesn't make the wearer look 'old' as it does not have brown undertones to it. Love it.

OKAY, so you can find these babies in any Watsons or Guardian. They are selling for S$17.90. I highly recommend them. I personally like them better than the Revlon SuperLustrous and I think the wear (quite long-wearing) and pigmentation is really high quality stuff.

Go check them out. I know you want to. ;)


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