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BB Creams = Busted.
Wednesday, December 7, 2011 | 0 comments
I've always felt like foundation is horrible for my skin. That it would break me out and clog my pores. And I've always thought that BB Creams are better for your skin. 'Cos they are essentially tinted moisturizers. Plus they always have all these extra ingredients to help with brightening and whitening and all that. It's also supposed to be hydrating. I'm really upset 'cos BB Creams just look horrible on me. Simply 'cos I am just not WHITE enough, they tend to leave me with a white cast, more so than my mineral sunscreen. And that stuff has TONS of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that leaves 'white' casts. Most of all, that stuff makes me into a greasy oily mess.

I'm quite sad 'cos I had to stick to the "pore-clogging" foundations rather than Good-for-your-skin BB Creams. But I've always found that foundations don't usually break me out (I use the clinique one) and that it doesn't turn me into a greaseball. Turns out, BB Creams are just as bad as foundations. I researched quite a bit on this and I even found this video, which I wanna share with you guys.

Kathy Spears is a certified professional Aesthetician and she gives us the low-down on these hyped-up BB creams.

You'll be surprised how much junk is in there.


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