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Total Repair for My Hair.
Saturday, December 3, 2011 | 0 comments
Here's a quickie~

I wanna talk about hair for a moment. Now, I don't particularly splurge so much on my hair, as much as I do on everything else. And so far my hair has been pretty resilient. It has been through dyes, rebonding sessions and tons of product switch ups. I am so glad that I STILL HAVE hair in the first place. 'Cos I have dealt so much damage to my hair, natural shampoos and conditioners tend to do nothing and fall completely flat for my hair. But I am trying to sort of train my hair into going into that more natural route.

SO, as you all can see, my hair is DRY, DAMAGED, COLOUR-TREATED, BRITTLE & THIN (limp). It is a bad, bad combination. But I do take good care of my hair by using hair masks on a regular basis. I have a few of them and I also found my Holy Grail mask, which I will talk about later in the future (do keep a lookout). But TODAY, I will be talking about my current quick mask treatment that I slap on my hair when I'm in a hurry, whilst still leaving it soft and nice-smelling. It is...

Schwarzkopf Gliss Total Repair Mask

This stuff smells AAMMMAAAAZZZZIIINNGGG~~!! Well, to me it does anyway. It smells like musky vanilla and this leaves my hair smelling fabulous for days. This is basically a Deep Repair mask that you leave on your hair after shampooing for afew minutes and then rinse off. Made in Germany, I think the brand is a German one as well. You've probably seen teir products everywhere here in Singapore though. The reason why I love this mask so much is how quick this one gets the job done. It says on the package that it is a one-minute mask. Though I leave it on for slightly more than that.

AND LET ME TELL YOU, this leaves my hair so silky smooth but without looking like a flat dead fish. I am so impressed considering that I got this pretty cheap at the drugstore. Price wise, I got this for around S$10.90, on a sale. And it's a decent sized amount, 200ml. Plus, the texture is much thicker than most of the masks I own so I don't have to use too much for it to work its magic on my hair.

It claims to have 19 active ingredients to help repair the hair cell from the inside. I'm not too sure about that claim 'cos I have only used it for a few weeks in conjunction with other hair masks. But I can safely say that it provides my hair with sufficient moisture to keep it smooth and manageable. Often, I don't even have to comb my hair after letting it air-dry. I just sort of run my fingers through my hair and it detangles itself.

So for the price, and THE SMELL (GOSH, I love how it smells, seriously), I highly recommend this one. I have tried the Shea Cashmere one by the same company.

I do like it but it does weigh down my rather fine hair. This one deals with moisturization and restoring moisture back into the hair. It is especially catered to really frizzy and unruly hair, and those with really dry ones as well. While I do have dry hair, it is not exactly unruly or very thick. Hence, I find it a tad too moisturising and heavy. So if you have thicker hair, I suggest giving the Shea Cashmere mask a go. But for those who have a similar hair type as mine, definitely, definitely THE TOTAL REPAIR ONE. =D

You can find them at Guardian and Watsons.


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