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Ahhhh, soft lips and skin.
Monday, December 26, 2011 | 0 comments
Hello, everyone!

I know that I have been gone a pretty long time. Well, not massively long but I haven't been blogging as much. And I could say that it's 'cos of Christmas and blah-blah but to be honest, I've just been feeling a tad bit lousy lately. I think this happens every year around this time, when I know that an entire year is over and I have another year to get through. Obviously, I am not the most optimistic of persons. Also, 'cos I'm kinda broke, I haven't been buying tons of new things eventhough there are really loads of cool Christmas gift sets and sales. Especially now since it's boxing day.

BUT I did wanna get some stuff for the new year. So, my main purchase was a bag that I LOVE soo soo much! It's my first ever structured tote bag (like those that you hang on your forearm, at the nooks of your elbows). I usually go for large bags that can carry 20397432809748937 things 'cos I just think it's more practical and I also go for bagpacks in general. I guess, I am not very grown-up, but this is my first 'woman' bag and I loveee it. It's so me. In the sense that it is unique and not completely girly. 'Cos my sense of style is more geared towards the men's section. I tend to wear guys clothing more often than not and have them really loose. At first it was to hide my body, but now I just find them comfy. So I stuck to them. I fell in love with the tribal printing and the fabric/canvas (I love fabric bags and leather). It's my large purchase of the month and my splurge.

Then after that I went out quite a few times with Keetha to just chill and check things out at town. I didn't get much but my stellar buy for this season would have to be my Burt's Bees Simply Shimmer Lipshimmer set. I was debating over this one and the one with the tinted lipbalm. But I decided to get this one 'cos it has more colour anyway. Plus, I already have my tinted lipbalm with the Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose. =) These things are awesome! I am so in love with them. However, I must say that they are not moisturising enough for my pathetically dry lips. I do sometimes have to apply a layer of my Dr Lipp Nipple Cream for Lips balm (which is essentially pure lanolin) before applying this on top. But on days when my lips are not too bad, these balm are sufficient to be used the whole day.

The BEST part about these balms are their colour pay off. I just HATE tinted lip balms that essentially is just your lip colour. Might as well make do with an ultra moisturising clear one. The Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers are definitely pigmented stuff. Especially the darker coloured ones, they can practically be a lip color in itself and worn completely alone. My fave is 'Fig', which is a DEEP maroon colour. OMG, it looks amazing. And the other two that i got are pretty cool. 'Peony' is a slightly pinker, deeper shade of my own lip colour with flecks of gold shimmer. So, it's perfect for a subtle, yet put-together lip look. I also got 'Champagne' which is an iridescent silver and pink shimmer. A great alternative to lipgloss, which can be very messy and gloppy. This just gives your lips a sheen of shimmer, while moisturising it.

This STUFF IS GREAT! But my only complaint is the excessively minty sensation it gives upon applying it to your lips. It tingles... for HOURS. LOL! What I meant was, the sensation lasts a long time, probably about half an hour. So, it's not good when you have ulcers 'cos that will STING LIKE A MOTHER-. But I know that it's quite nice after awhile, when you get used to it. It definitely tingles more than Carmex and Mint Chapstick.

This stuff wears well and does not leave my lips feeling more dry than before I put them on and I really appreciate that seeing as I constantly get sores and cuts of my lips due to the dryness. I am not a huge fan of the Burt's Bees Tinted lip balms but I am of their lip shimmers 'cos of the impressive pigmentation they have.

They are pretty pricey though. They are sold at Sephora for SGD$15 per tube. So I'm extremely grateful that I got the set.

Okay, I was gonna talk more about what I got but this might be a super long post. So I'm just gonna talk about something that I am completely OBSESSED about this past month of December and I can't BELIEVE I never found this before. I'm a lotion-body-butter-girl. I always put it on after a shower or before I go to bed or anytime I feel my skin is starting to turn scaly from dryness. But I always found it a chore last time. Now, I realized that when the stuff smells good, I will be much more motivated to slather it on. Right now, I am so IMPRESSED by Vaseline Total Moisture Body Lotion. SOOOO impressed. It boasts 24-hour nourishment and moisture, and I gotta say that it delivers. But most importantly, it SMELLS DIVINE. D-I-V-I-N-E~!!!

Oh my lordy, I am so obsessed by the smells that I probably would go out and collect all the scents but currently, I am in love with 'Cocoa Glow', which smells like CHOCOLATE. I swear. Well, to be fair, it smells like chocolate when you slather it on and then it dries down to a sweeter, vanilla caramel sort of smell. Which to me, is still awesome. I don't recommend putting this on when you have a headache though. The sweet smell will seriously make it about 60 times worse. But on cold rainy days or just before bed, I LOVE smelling sweet and almost candy-like. The scent lingers for about 2 hours (if you're not sweating and stuff) so it is not a potent as Bodyshop Body Butters. That stuff is potent, man. I can smell myself hours later and still get whiffs of the body butter. But keep in mind that this is a lotion and it is a FRACTION of the costs of bodyshop's body butters.

It retails for SGD$5.90 for a 250ml bottle. That's a substantial amount that has lasted me more than a month. And I usually apply it about twice a day all over my body. My skin has never felt sooooo smooth. This seriously does the job that any body butter would do but without the greasy feeling. It is absorbed into my skin INSTANTLY and keep it soft and silky the whole day. I never feel the tightness that I used to feel especially on my legs. GOSH, I am so impressed with Vaseline lotions right now. I'm probably gonna buy their hand lotion as well. Though I doubt it would smell as good as this one. Their Aloe Fresh lotion and the Oats one smells EQUALLY AMAZING.

I know I am getting overly excited over lotions but they really smell so great and I usually have bad luck with Drugstore lotions *cough*Neutrogena/Jergens*cough*. They just smell really synthetic and tend to sit on top of my skin. Which is why I have been splurging on more expensive ones. NOW I DON'T HAVE TO ANYMORE. And still enjoy my Lotion Time. =D


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