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This is a generic beauty blog. (BEWARE)
Wednesday, November 30, 2011 | 0 comments

Welcome to Beauté Blabber! I'm super excited about this blog. Now, first things first, let me introduce the concept and person behind the entire site (aka moi). Here are just some quick facts:

1. You can call me H.

2. I know that there are 2094830298502975 blogs out there about make-up and stuff. I know 'cos I follow tons of them. This blog was made not 'cos of those but simply 'cos I feel like there is a lack of local beauty blogger here in Singapore. Beauty bloggers on a budget, especially. So I decided to just make one, for the fun of it.


4. I will DIE without makeup. (it just makes me so happy)

5. I am 21 years old and of the female species

6. I live in Singapore, smack in the center of the equator where the sun shines all year round and "winters" essentially mean "monsoon season". It's hot and humid, but a shopper's paradise.

6. The concept behind this blog is Beauty on a Budget. Simply my own recommendations and some cool things I've found. I am certainly not well-off. I can't afford to buy Chanel Vitalumiére Aqua or Diorshow mascaras, eventhough I know that they would rock my socks off. So, I'm on the hunt for alternatives for the average person.

So, this is just an intro post (so that I can start tinkering with my blog template). I really hope you guys enjoy my posts. I also made this 'cos of all my girl friends. I know they get bored with me blabbing about beauty products all the time, but I do want to let them know what I think is pretty good and what sucks. And in turn, I will also post what they recommend and we can all be more knowledgeable about our purchases. With knowledge comes beauty.

That's about it.


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