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The Hamlet of Skincare
Saturday, October 5, 2013 | 0 comments
To Clarisonic or not to clarisonic, that is the question.

I have mulled over this for months, years actually. I remember that I wanted to get it so badly at around the age of 20 when my skin went completely crazy and broke out in adult acne. But the hefty price tag on this baby is a major turn-off. It WILL make you think twice. I know it did for me. And I have put it off until recently, when I have finally taken the plunge and got myself one on a complete impulse buy.

First off, what is a clarisonic? It is essentially a sonic toothbrush for your face. Think of it as a giant vibrating toothbrush for your face. Sounds crazy but this device claims to clean skin 6 times better than your hands and will make your cleanser work harder for you. It also helps with daily exfoliation and helping to refine the texture of the skin.

What really put me off, besides the price (it costs SGD$215 for my Clarisonic Mia 2), were the MULTIPLE claims of a "purging" stage. Does that not sound horrific? "PURGE". After finally getting my skin somewhat under control, I am terrified of losing what little control I have and break out in a million zits that I can't cover up. *touchwood*

I have been using it for about 2 weeks now. And my verdict... It is NICE.

That is the best way to put it. It is a nice gadget and it does make my skin incredibly smooth. It helps alot with my pores and blackheads and it really does make my skincare absorb so much better. I feel like my serums are sinking in so much deeper into the layers of skin. So to the claim that it makes my skincare more effective, I can say that it really does that.

However, I did have one or two more breakouts than usual upon my first use. I wouldn't call it a purge though. It just sounds too horrible. It was just abit more than usual and to be fair, my zits healed alot faster than usual. I do not believe that skin can actually purge. If ever my skin reacts badly to anything, I will stop it immediately and not bother to even continue. That was why I was worried to make such a hefty investment. Thankfully, my skin did like it and I have noticed some good results after using it for a while. Keep in mind though, I use it only once a day and not the recommended twice a day.

SO, Is it the end-all-be-all of all skincare related products? Is it essential?

To be real, no. But it does have value-added into my skincare routine and I do like it very much! I have exhausted every other method before this. I have tried chemical exfoliants such as the Alpha-H Liquid Gold and glycolic toners. I also have used Konyak Sponges, which I find really effective too and are a greater cheaper alternative. I still use my sponge every morning. If you are still not satisfied after all that, then maybe you should give the clarisonic a try. But if your skin is doing well maintaining itself as it is, then there is definitely no real need for this.

I will continue with it and see how it goes.

My only problem was what cleanser to use with it. At first I just continued with my Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm, which worked alright. But it couldn't get the deep clean I wanted. Right now I am using the Shiseido Aqualabel Milky Mousse Foam with Collagen. I also have the sensitive brush head that it comes with on initial purchase. It's working very well. I think the clarisonic works much better with foaming cleansers. It just feels more satisfying that way. Haha!

H. Shar

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SKII - Miracle?
Monday, September 23, 2013 | 0 comments
Living in Asia, I am bombarded with SKII commercials wherever I go. I see pictures of Tang Wei or which ever Asian Model/Actress with amazing luminous skin and proclaiming their miracle solution to all their skin woes. That is of course, SKII's treatment essence. Watching all this I have always wanted to give it a try, but it isn't something I can splurge on as a young college student. After saving up, I managed to try out the trail pack with the 50ml Treatment Essence (or miracle water as they call it here), a tiny bottle of the Clearing Lotion and also a sheet mask.

All this for SGD$99. Not too bad because the the 50ml bottle will last you a WHILE. I haven't even used all of mine up yet! But I do continue to incorporate it in my routine as I see fit.

My friend, Diyanah, has AMAZING skin. I barely see a blemish on her ever. But there was a period of time when I noticed her skin being EXTRA awesome. It was glowy and her pores are barely even visible. Obviously, being "kay-poh" I was like, "Okay, spill the beans, what's the secret here". Turns out she was using this SKII trial set and that ultimately made me take the plunge.

First and foremost, let me classify my skin type:

Oily Combination, Blemish Prone. I deal with large pores, cystic hormonal acne from time to time and the odd dryness around my cheeks.

Basically, in summary, SUCKY SKIN.

My thoughts on this: I wished my skin had reacted as well as Diyanah's did, but unfortunately it didn't. The Essence was hydrating and light and it helped with the fading of my acne scars. But it did not really reduce the appearance of my pores and I can't really use it when my skin is acting up. Because then, I will become an oil slick. It has a funky smell... Smells like ass actually. I have to hold my breath whenever I pat this into my skin. But nothing I can't deal with as it sinks in fast and the smell fades. I like using it when my skin is being well-behaved and feeling more "normal". Only then will I notice great improvements in the tone of my skin and it gives it such a great boost of hydration.

The star of the set was to me, The Facial Clearing Lotion. This stuff is used as a toner, so I have to use a cotton pad and swipe this all over my face. Abit saddening for such an expensive product because I tend to use it up faster. However, it is definitely better to use a cotton pad, otherwise, it doesn't work as well, in my experience. This stuff, on top of pitera (the signature ingredient of all SKII products, famous for its anti-aging properties), has AHAs that help gently exfoliate the skin. It feels slightly tingly at first. This product helped me in terms of controlling my blemishes and helping them heal faster whenever they do appear on my face. The gentle exfoliation is great for everyday and the pitera helps with keeping the skin hydrated without burdening it with too much oils and creams.

In a nutshell, this is toner that truly balances my skin. Also, I saw greater improvements in the size of my pores with this treatment lotion than the actual SKII essence. I was so impressed that I even bought the full-size, which I never thought I would with such an expensive price tag.

What I realized was that the treatment lotion is the cheapest in the SKII range and it was the most effective for my acne prone skin.

Perhaps the essence would be better for people who are more concerned with anti-aging. But for me, the Toner is The Shizz. It has teh best of both worlds, pitera for hydration and anti-aging PLUS AHAs to keep my skin clear.


H. Shar

PS: I haven't used the sheet mask. Saving it for a special occasion. ;)

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Time for Change
I have abandoned this blog due to life just taking its course and me, finding excuses and being just plain lazy. But I feel that I need to start picking this up again. I used to think that I wanna blog for the sake of gaining followers and being a "famous" beauty blogger. I realized that that shouldn't be the case. I am putting unnecessary pressure on myself and I made something that I enjoy, which is writing and reviewing things a challenge and a chore.

Also, I jut had ridiculous expectations for myself and ended up setting myself up for failure... Well, in my eyes at least.

So I finally I got back on my horse, after months of postponing for fear of making the same mistakes. I have decided that the one fundamental change would be that this blog is ultimately gonna be for myself. For me to chronicle all my latest beauty discoveries and all the girly things that make me happy as well as things that didn't really work out. So that I can have something to refer to, and maybe help out one or two people who might be looking for unbiased opinions.

Let's Start With Skincare:

This is by far my one and true passion because I am on a constant mission to achieve great skin. My skin so far has come a long way from its acne days but it is far from perfect. I still do get breakouts, particularly hormonal acne on my chin and cheeks. No matter how much I spend on skincare, I haven't found my holy grail combination yet. THIS IS MY GOAL. Even skin texture and colour, so much so that I can step out of the house without a smidgen of makeup and not feel like a troll that has just surfaced from the sewers of GOD KNOWS WHERE.

But because I live in the city and in hot and humid Singapore, the task is a monumental one.

Time for a skincare overhaul.

Makeup-wise, I can't wear that much due to my work. And to be honest, makeup is something that I am not particularly good at. However, it is something that I do enjoy. I will continue to dabble in this and report back with any new obsessions I might have.

I am also constantly on the look out for hair care products that work on me. I used to have really awesome thick hair but the stress and all the damage I had inflicted on my poor hair has caused it to thin out quite drastically. Now I look for nourishing products that don't weigh my hair down and I am attracted to volumizing products that help with the appearance of fuller looking locks.

So this is it.

I hope I stick with it and find gems that will help me become a better version of myself.

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Friday, February 3, 2012 | 0 comments
27 Home Remedies for Pimples

1. Dab a little lemon juice on it. The astringent properties in lemon juice will suck out some of the oil and shrink the blemish. Wash off before going in the sun, though, as this could bleach your face and make it more sensitive to the sun.

2. A teeny, tiny clay mask will fix it. If you need clay, go here (and you need clay, I promise): Mountain Rose Herbs. So a search for “cosmetic clay” and you’ll find that an entire pound is a whopping $4.95 (you might want to order another thing or two, to make the shipping worth it). Now, once you have your clay, take 1 tsp of it and mix enough distilled water to make a thick paste. Apply it directly to the blemish and leave on as long as you’d like (at least 20 minutes or all night long). I’ve seen pimples completely disappear overnight from this. Yeah. Really.

3. Use an itsy bitsy smudge of lavender or tea tree essential oil. Again, you can purchase these things at Mountain Rose Herbs. They’re great for a whole host of different things, and they absolutely annihilate zits. Use one tiny drop of either oil on a Q-tip and rub it on the blemish. Leave on overnight.

4. Make a paste with cinnamon and honey. Use approximately 1/2 tsp of cinnamon and add to the honey. Mix to make a paste. Apply to the blemish and leave on for 20 minutes (or overnight). Zit = zapped.

5. Rub a slice of potato on them. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes, or all day.

6. Tomatoes. Tomatoes. Tomatoes. Try rinsing your pimply face with fresh tomato juice. Leave this on for an hour before washing. Or, try the Homemade Tomato Juice Peel-Off Mask!

7. Apples and honey to the rescue. Grate a small bit of apple into a fine mush and add honey to make a sticky, fruity paste. Apply to the pimples and leave on for 20 minutes. Or, do your whole face! Wash well.

8. Try the Aspirin and Honey Facial Mask. You can do your whole face, or just tiny little spots.

9. Make a tiny mask with dried calendula and castor oil. Freaky, right? Oil for a zit. But castor oil is actually drying and the calendula will soothe the redness and the surrounding skin. Calendula can be purchased at, of course, none other than Mountain Rose Herbs (links above).

10. Make ice cubes out of green tea. Just rub one of those things over the blemish area two or three times a day. Swelling will go down, skin will be soothed, and the green tea acts as an astringent.

11. Pound an orange peel. Yep. That’s right. Take a small amount of orange peel, sprinkle some water on the pith-side and pound it with a (clean) hammer or meat tenderizer for 10 seconds. Rub the peel over the pimply areas (you could even tape it there for a few minutes for extra action).

12. Dab it with strong basil tea. Boil 1 c. of water and add 1 Tbsp. dried basil leaves. Steep for 10 minutes. Strain. refrigerate until cool. Apply to the pimples (or all over your face, if it’s oily).

13. Strawberries are yummy zit zappers. In addition to whitening your teeth, strawberries are excellent for occasional pimples (or acne). Slice the top off off a strawberry (eat the fruit) and rub the small amount of flesh left at the top of the strawberry on your pimples. Leave on for 20-30 minutes and then rinse off. You can read more about strawberries and skincare here!

14. Witch hazel and a cotton ball. Or any kind of fabric, really. Just soak the fabric with some witch hazel, hold on the blemish for a minute or two. That’s it. Astringent to the rescue.

15. Concoct your own pimple cream with lanolin, glycerin, and castor oil. Just melt, on very low heat, equal parts of all three. Store in a small jar. Apply it to pimples as necessary.

16. Make a poultice with dried hibiscus. Hibiscus makes a wildly delicious tea, but it’s also very effective on blemishes. You can have it both ways with this remedy! Just steep 3 tsp. hibiscus in 2 c. water. Strain (saving the hibiscus). Add a little honey to your tea and drink up. Then take the wet hibiscus, place it in a small paper towel or piece of cheesecloth, and apply to the pimple. Hold it there for 5-10 minutes.

17. Don’t be a vampire – use garlic. I know, I know. It sounds really stinky. Desperate times call for desperate measures and all that. And garlic is pretty wondrous when it comes to clearing away the pimples. Peel a clove of garlic and then mush it up well with a fork. Apply the mush to your pimples and let it set for 20 minutes.

18. Spice it up with some nutmeg and cloves. Put 2 tsp. whole cloves and 1 tsp ground nutmeg in 1/4 c. milk. Heat on low for 10 minutes (careful not to scald the milk!). Allow the milk to cool. With a small washcloth or other fabric, apply the spicy milk to the pimply areas – or all over your face!

19. Splurge on some neem. Neem powder and neem oil are two magical pimple treatments, but they may be hard to find. Try Whole Foods, your local natural foods store, or Mountain Rose Herbs and pick up either one – or both. With the oil, just daub the oil directly onto the blemish. Or, with the powder, mix with a tiny amount of water or witch hazel to form a paste that you then apply to the pimply areas. Leave on all night for extra zit-busting effectiveness.

20. Rosewater and lemon juice – a fragrant remedy. If you happen to have some rosewater (if you don’t, you should get some … again, Mountain Rose Herbs or Whole Foods), take 1 tsp rosewater and 1/2 tsp lemon juice and apply to the blemishes. The rosewater will act as a calmative and helps repair the skin, while the lemon juice is astringent and drying.

21. Take your honey straight. At night, slather on a little honey over an extra-large pimple. Cover this with a bandaid, and sleep with the bandaid on. In the morning, remove the bandage, be amazed at the lack of pimple, and rinse your face well.

22. Apple Cider Vinegar. The good old standby, the liquid that does more things than Madonna (career-wise, I mean) – just dab a bit onto the affected area and let it dry. Leave it on for 20 minutes … or forever!

23. A sprig of mint’ll do you. Take one leaf from a sprig of fresh mint, rub it well between your fingers until it’s bruised. Rub the “juice” from the mint leaf over the pimple. Leave on.

24. Localized egg white mask. Just separate the yolk from the white, whip the white a time or two, and dab on to spotty areas with a Q-tip. Leave on overnight and wash well in the morning.

25. Aloe vera gel or leaf. For some time, I had an aloe vera plant in my home. Then I forgot to water it. For a month. Anyway, whenever I started to feel a pimple coming on, I’d break off a tiny bit of the leaf and rub the gel inside over it. Worked like a charm at heading off (sorry for the pun) the pimple. You don’t have to have a plant – just look for the purest aloe vera gel you can find in your local natural foods store.

26. Bruise some fresh cabbage leaves. Just mush ‘em up and rub them on the offending area. Leave the juice on for at least 30 minutes or more. Rinse off and finish with an astringent.

27. Dissolve some salt in lemon juice. If you want even MORE drying power than just straight lemon juice, try dissolving 1/2 tsp salt in 2 tsp lemon juice, rub on the zit and leave on (being aware that lemon juice is also bleaching and can cause sensitivity to the sun).

credits: crunchybetty

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Mouldy Makeup?
Thursday, January 19, 2012 | 0 comments
Hey, Girls!

Just a quick reference. Here's a list of how long you should keep your makeup before it goes bad.

You don't wanna be putting on expired shit on your face. Things can go horribly wrong and THAT may be the reason why you're breaking out. Not 'cos of the skincare you're using.

The first thing to go is mascara which lasts three months.

Oil-Free Foundation: One Year

Cream Foundation: One Year

Concealer: 12-18 Months

Powder: 18 Months

Blush & Bronzer: 18 Months

Cream Blush: 12-18 Months

Eye shadow: 18 Months

Eyeliner: 18 Months

Liquid Eyeliner: Six Months

Lipstick/Lip Gloss: 18 Months

Lipliner: One Year

Nail Polish: One Year

Cosmetic makeup sponges should be washed after each use and thrown away after one month.

Of course, check the product itself 'cos most natural products go bad within 6 months unless there's some preservative and parabens.

There you go!


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The Rough Road to Good Skin.
Friday, January 13, 2012 | 0 comments
Right now, I can't be bothered with my makeup 'cos let's be honest here, makeup only looks good on skin that is good. Makeup looks best on people who use makeup because they WANT to and not because they NEED to.

There is a massive difference there.

I have to admit that I have an unshakable reliance on makeup to basically help me appear better than I usually do (which is horrible, FYI). I know I sound like I'm inviting the Pity Party but it is not an exaggeration to say that I have been on the quest for good skin even since my teens and it got far more intense as I became an adult. Especially so when you are SURROUNDED by people with great skin. That would be, a self-reference 'cos all my friends have such lovely skins. They are the infuriating type of people who can just wash their faces and look amazing. You know, the ones who can just step out of the house without makeup and look just as bit as gorgeous as when they step out with makeup.

Ohhh, yes. I know you know at least some of them.

And it's not their fault that they are blessed with great genes. They can help when it comes to helping us feel less inferior and help us find solutions to our own problematic skin. The best thing to do, I say, is to stop comparing. It's good to admire and compliment BUT NEVER compare. 'Cos that may eventually lead to depression. LOL. Acceptance would be the next step before we try to figure things out.

Indeed, I have accepted my skin and the massive changes that occurred in the past year.

I accept that my skin was not as low-maintenance as it used to be and I have to be careful (to the point of paranoia) on what I slather on my face. Upon doing this, I have been trying to find my way in the dark, with regards to my skincare routine.

It is important to stick to a routine, for us normal people as it would help with the maintenance of our skin. Of course, there is no need to stick to a routine RELIGIOUSLY. It is good to switch it up, and use different products depending on what your skin needs at that moment.

The most important step for me is Cleansing.

Cleansing is the foundation of all skincare and it is a must for everyone 'cos it takes the crap out of our faces and cleans our skin. Not just for beauty purposes but for basic hygiene. The basic is to cleanse at least once a day. Though most women do it twice. Once in the morning to get rid of all the oils we built up during our sleep and also to remove last night's products (such as moisturizers) from our faces. Second time would be at night when we remove the day's makeup. People with oilier skins might even cleanse their faces several times a day. This is fine, as long as we are using cleansers that are suitable for our specific skin types and restores the balance of our skin. Our skin should NOT feel tight or too squeaky clean after cleansing. It should feel refreshed and comfortable. Otherwise, you are NOT using cleansers that are suitable for your skin type.

I have used a BAZILLION cleansers. I have rarely ever repurchased the same cleanser, unless I am tight on money and just pick the cheapest one. And it's so hard to find the perfect cleanser that helps keep my acne at bay and cleans my skin.

Some that I have used:

Bio-Essence Deep Cleanser

This is an Asian brand, if I am not wrong and it is a very simple foam cleanser. I actually repurchased this several times 'cos my mom likes this one. And we used to share cleansers (before my skin went crazy). At the time I wasn't too bothered with ingredients. I generally prefer foaming cleansers 'cos they feel like they are REALLY cleaning my face. Scent is mild and nice and it does a good job of cleaning my face. Very basic cleanser, leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean, which I used to love as teen as my face was especially oily then.

The Body Shop Seaweed cleanser

I remember buying this, thinking it would be amazing as it was pricier than the usual cleanser I used. This was when I started to get into skincare. It's supposed to be balancing for oily/combination skin like mine. It does not lather up alot, or at all. And leaves a film behind when I washed it off. Like there was some residue on my skin. I never felt completely clean using this cleanser and had to use a toner after to really make sure I got everything off my face. I did break out from using this line of products, so I can't recommend it but who knows? Skincare is a very personal thing.

Hada Labo Foaming Wash

Comes in a simple white tube. You only need a teeny tiny bit of this for it lather spectacularly into the most luxurious foam. A tube of that lasted me AGES. I bought this due to the huge Japanese Skincare phase that I had 'cos everyone was raving about this popular brand in Japan. It was pricier than the previous two cleansers, but I have to say it lasts longer. So I can justify that. It features super hyaluronic acid that helps boost moisture in the skin whilst cleaning it. I used to love this stuff. Foams amazing and didn't feel like it was TOO drying and cleaned my face well. BUT, I did experience more breakouts when I was using this entire line (I was into the whole one brand, one routine thing 'cos I always thought a product would work better with its product-buddies).

I found the entire line wayyy too rich for me. Yet I never felt truly hydrated. Or cleansed.

JUJU Aquamoist Foaming Wash

THIS is AWESOME. I really preferred this one to the previous option and I even repurchased it after running out. It did not clog my pores but instead cleaned it very well. My skin felt very comfortable after using it and it never felt too tight or 'not clean'. It has hyaluronic acid in it as well but I felt that it provided a better clean and really helped get rid of my oils and makeup, without stripping my skin. It wasn't HYDRATING as they would say. I would prefer to say that this is very gentle and effective. Also you need a TEENY bit of this to create CLOUDS literally.

Neutrogena Liquid Cleanser

Comes in a cool pump. I didn't like this one. Though it says "deep clean", it didn't really feel very clean. Leaves behind a weird feeling, like there is smth on my skin. And didn't lather well. Which I wouldn't mind if it did it's job. My complexion got really dull, but I didn't experience any weird breakouts at the time using this. At least not any more that usual, so it didn't prevent breakouts either. It's just... meh.

Olay Total Effects Foaming Cleanser

It's GREAT. Very gentle and my skin looks so clean and... bright after washing with this one. Though obviously, it didn't last long. Just in that time that I've washed it. I didn't break out. I dunno about its anti-aging claims. All I can say that it's a good standard cleanser.



My skin went crazy after this point at about the end of 2010 all the way. I got full blown acne. And was at a loss of what to use.

The BEST cleanser I found that really helped me during that time was:

Ducray Keracnyl Foaming Gel

This can be used on your face and body and is soap free. Which is FANTASTIC for my sensitive skin (before then, my skin was NOT sensitive at all) as it did not aggravate it. It cleans my skin soo soooo sooooo well without leaving it tight and uncomfortable. My skin literally was touchably smooth and silky after using this product. Absolutely amazing. This was probably the best gel/foaming cleanser I've ever used, hands down. 'Cos I could see a difference in my skin when I was using this. It helped control my breakouts too.

But thanks to a a topical cream I was given, I had really bad rashes all over my face. Being allergic or having a negative reaction to benzoyl peroxide. My face was itchy, flaky and red. IT WAS HORRIBLE.

So I had to stay away from foaming cleansers as they often contained foaming agents like Sodium Laureth Sulphate that can aggravate super sensitive skin. Thus, I was introduced to:

Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser for Intolerant Skin

This is the weirdest thing for me. It's a gel cleanser that I rub on my face and tissue-off. As in NO WATER. I was like whuuuuutttt?! That is absolutely disgusting! How can I NOT use water?! Especially so in Singapore where it's so freakin' hot & humid. But the water actually stings my face and so I had to use this. As the name suggests, it's super gentle. I dunno how well it does at removing makeup ('cos obviously I wasn't wearing makeup when I had the rash), but it removed oil and dirt of my face very well. And I didn't break out AT ALL from using this product. Which is SUPER surprising 'cos I thought this would totally clog up my pores and be too rich for my oily skin. So, I ended liking the product more and more and CONTINUED to use it even after my rashes cleared up. And it was REALLY GREAT! So gentle and perfect for lazy days too. I just rub the product in my face and take damp cotton pads and gently wipe it off my face.

'Cos this type of cream cleanser was working well, and I had another reaction to another acne cream I used. I tried to find a more 'natural' alternative. At this point, I was trying to go into a more natural path for my skin.

Lush Ultrabland

This is an oil-cream cleanser. It's much oilier and denser in consistency as compared to the Avene one. And at first I thought it was WAY too greasy. But it did leave my skin so moist and comfortable. I found that the best way to use this product is to take a small amount and massage it into my skin. Like REALLY work it in there and then wipe it off with cotton pads that is soaked in TONER. It's like 2-in-1 step. And leaves my skin feeling so clean and not as greasy as when I just used a damp washcloth. This worked really well at calming my rashes and cleaning my skin gently. Also helped with getting rid of some of the stubborn whiteheads I had all over my forehead and chin.

My skin was in MUCH better condition when I used cream cleansers for some STRANGE reason. And I've always stayed away 'cos I thought they would break me out. 'Cos I'm oily! Turns out my skin is super dehydrated. My skin is so much more plump and firm now as compared to before.

Currently, I'm using Sukin Organics Cream Cleanser.
And I AM LOVING IT. I initially bought 'cos I can't afford the Lush Ultrabland, just way too expensive for me. And it didn't give me great results after continuous usage. Better results than using any of my previous foam cleansers though. Anyway, I think Sukin's a better fit for me 'cos it's not as rich and oily. It literally feels like moisturiser. Such a weird feeling. Gonna take me awhile to get used to this one. I've only used it for a week, so I can only review it later.

So far, I can say it smells divine. And my pores look smaller and my skin is softer. It's really lovely so far. We'll see how it goes.

AND THAT IS MY CLEANSER JOURNEY. I actually tried much more, but these are the standouts, I guess? I tried Biore, Simple, Ponds... etc. What I'm saying is, you never know until you've tried. I know it's so hard 'cos I literally am terrified that smth might set off my acne again. But the only way of learning is through experience. I would never have imagined that cream cleansers would work so well for me, until I tried them.

So there you go!



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Cosmetic Controversies.
Friday, January 6, 2012 | 0 comments
Why, Hellloooo there~!

I have some interesting things to share with you and also some interesting things to share about myself and my outlook for the new year.

This is of course, related to not only only beauty but health, in general. Mostly Wealth. This year, I am determined to save up for a trip and thus, would have to resolve into buying less things. Of course, this doesn't matter 'cos there are at least TEN BILLION review blogs on the net, so I am not about to make myself a guinea pig for the sake of beauty. This blog is meant for me to share the stuff I think are AWESOME with you guys. So, I will be cutting down on my expenditure (hopefully) this year and really, only purchase things after I've done enough research and having put much thought into it.

'Cos I'm gonna be tight on cash. I have to cut out afew of my stable products which are quite expensive. Also another reason is 'cos I am trying to go to the natural route where it comes to skincare and haircare and food, etc. NO, I am not turning into a hippie. And you won't catch me turning into a Vegan. I don't think I have the will power and capacity to, to be honest. BUT I will try my best to find more natural options to certain things that I use. If it's not natural, then just CHEAPER options that won't blow a hole in my wallet everytime I purchase it.

THIS has lead me into doing some D.I.Y things for my face and hair. Which I have NEVER EVER EVER in my entire life would imagine myself doing. Honestly, I am all about the chemicals. 'Cos natural doesn't mean beneficial. Poison Ivy is NATURAL but that stuff is horrible for your skin. And certain safe, FDA approved chemicals work so much better than their 'natural' counterparts. So, I am still a big believer is chemicals and drugs. But only the beneficial ones. Hence, I will definitely be posting regularly on this blog about certain information I've learnt about certain ingredients and stuff so that I can share this precious knowledge and we can ALL lead healthier lives and be more beautiful the right way.

Also, the D.I.Y stuff is so much cheaper and easier for me as the local grocery store (Fair Price) is just 5 mins away from where I live and most of the ingredients are in my kitchen anyway. I will be trying them out and seeing if they actually do something or they are flops. 'Cos I am SO skeptical about these things.

I'm gonna post some recipes that work for me. If there are any, which I'm sure there will be.

I am also open to new product recommendations which cost less but work great. We should ALL share this. And also share great companies that provides us with great products.

Here's an interesting thing I learnt. Apparently, LEAD is legitly in the lipsticks that we use. *gasp* I am instantly horrified by this as I personally own TONS of lipsticks. I don't really bother too much about harmful substances but when I found out that Lead can cause learning, language and behavioral problems such as lowered IQ, reduced school performance and increased aggression, I freaked out. Pregnant women and young children are particularly vulnerable to lead exposure, because lead easily crosses the placenta and enters the fetal brain where it can interfere with normal development. THIS STUFF IS NO JOKE.

Shockingly, it can be found in most lipsticks (after tests run by FDA) even high-end ones like Dior. =( And what's worse is that the amount has been increasing. It increased about 4 times since 2007 from 0.09 to 3.06 ppm of lead in each tube. HOLY SHIT. Here's the important part: Products or lipsticks you should AVOID

"FDA found the highest lead levels in lipsticks made by three manufacturers: Procter & Gamble (Cover Girl brand), L'Oreal (L'Oreal, Body Shop and Maybelline brands) and Revlon. Yet FDA has thus far failed to take action to protect consumers." (The highest amount being found generally in CoverGirl lipsticks, Cover Girl Incrediful Lip Color)



Some tips:

1. Avoid the brands mentioned until new reports are released saying that they are safe. Well, I will let you know 'cos I'm really sad about this.

2. Cut down your use of lipsticks. I know this is hard, but we are less likely to be harmed if we put on our favourite lipsticks on special occasions, once in a while. Rather than everyday.

3. Don't lick your lips when you have lipstick on

4. Use tinted lipbalms if you want added colour. There are so many great balms that provide great pigmentation that are all natural.

5. Remember to remove all traces of lipstick at the end of the day.

Well, I hope that helps.

I will leave you guys with this SUPER COOL and informative video I found about cosmetics. PLEASE WATCH IT. It's really awesome. =)



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